May 2019 TBC

Boston, USA

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Discover and produce stable, persistent and targeted Treg directed therapies that accelerate clinical development

The Treg Summit was the first opportunity to join the leading experts in the Autoimmune Community in their fight to create a targeted therapeutic approach to treat autoimmune disorders. 100+ delegates listened over 2 days to the most advanced clinical case studies alongside innovative research methods, accelerating autoimmune pipeline to clinical development.

Register your interest to join us in 2019 as we explore further the main challenges facing Treg directed therapies including strategies to identify and target autoantigens as well as creating Treg cells that remain stable and persistent in the body. Take this time to work with the greatest minds in the field to create forward thinking strategies to develop targeted and effective Treg directed therapies.

What was discussed at this year’s meeting:

symbol logo Stable – evaluation of feasible methods to promote Treg stability to prevent their inherent ability to switch to pathogenic cells
symbol logo Persistent – the exploration of methods that promote Treg persistence with our panel experts from Merck, Vedanta Bioscience, Immune Tolerance Network & Cellenkos
symbol logo Targeted – presentations from Casebia and TxCell to ensure a precise targeting approach for your Treg therapeutic with the use of CARs and TCRs