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Welcome to the 6th Treg-Directed Therapies Summit!

The 6th Treg-Directed Therapies Summit promised an enhanced experience with fresh data, a revamped speaker faculty, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Attendees immersed themselves in the latest advancements in CAR-Tregs, IL-2, and novel mutein therapies through our two comprehensive tracks of content. As the ultimate hub for all things Treg, this summit was your go-to resource, providing in-depth exploration and driving the future of Treg therapies across both cell-based and non-cell based approaches.

The summit shared groundbreaking insights in 10+ presentations featuring new data, offering a glimpse into the clinical translation of Treg therapies and precision modifications to enhance therapeutic efficacy. The summit was the forefront of Treg therapy, leaving attendees with the tools and knowledge to expertly modulate Tregs for autoimmunity and beyond.

Your Peers United for:

Icon Learnings

Learnings about cutting-edge and potential synergistic combination therapies involving engineering cytokines, nanoparticles, Treg epitopes to enhance future pipelines with EpiVax and Selecta Biosciences

Icon Updates

Updates on clinical translation, with a focus on progressing discoveries to the clinic and the need for enhanced clinical data in advanced disease states with Egle Therapeutics and Mozart Therapeutics

Icon Innovations

Innovations in Treg cell engineering and modifications, showcasing precision engineering approaches for CAR-Tregs, TCR guided therapies and other novel Treg modifications to enhance stability, function and targeting with GentiBio and Stanford University

Icon Benefits

Benefits from interactive discussions that will contribute to advancing the field, facilitating open conversations around collaborations between academia and industry with Sonoma and AbbVie

Icon Networking

Exclusive networking opportunities with key industry KOLs to foster new connections and drive the field forward

Who Attended?

Industry professionals and experts engaged in Treg therapy research and development across biotech, academia and large pharma, will gather together to advance their understanding and clinical application of Treg-directed therapies, providing a unique platform for networking, sharing insights and staying at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.

What our speakers have to say:

Abata Box

‘Picking the right patients and indication are critical for early biotech success’

Lenny Dragone, CMO, Abata

‘Cellular therapies have the potential to transform medicine in areas beyond cancer, and this summit will highlight emerging CAR Treg therapies.’

Zinaida Good, Instructor, Stanford University

Stanford Box
Epivax Box

‘Treg modulation and activation is the biotechnology theme for this decade. I look forward to the presentation and anticipate that this will be a dynamic and optimistic meeting.’

Anne De Groot, CEO / CSO, EpiVax