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Welcome to the 5th Treg Summit

With 2022 continuing to see the Treg therapy field flourish, with non-stop investment, clinical advances and novel approaches, we are very excited to see what 2023 has in store.  

The 5th Treg Summit is back, and we are even bigger than before! The unique forum continues to be your one-stop shop to accelerate progression of IL-2, mutein, CAR-Tregs and lots more to redefine treatments for autoimmunity, transplant, and inflammation. 

Boasting 2 tracks of in-depth content, a dedicated bootcamp day as well as a plethora of new data being shared across all 3 days, gain exclusive insights to advance specificity, durability, stability, and safety of IL-2 and CAR-Treg therapies. 

Connect with experts across industry and academia and collaborate with your peers to redefine Treg therapy efficacy, distinguish clinical impact and bring the next-generation of therapies to life. 

Top Reasons to Attend:

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Gain clinical updates from industry leaders including PolTREG and Selecta Biosciences and take a look into the next-generation of Treg therapies with Sonoma Bio, Slate Bio and GRO Biosciences 

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Unlock scalable manufacturing and expansion of Tregs whilst exploring allogeneic approaches with Genti Bio, Northwestern University and Quell Therapeutics 

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Distinguish unrivalled therapy durability to mediate long-lasting efficacies and safety with Cue Biopharma, RAPT Therapeutics and Abata Therapeutics 

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Enhance muteins and small molecules to bring about selective Treg activation and expansion with Xencor, Bright Peak Therapeutics and Sorbonne University 

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Optimize engineering of CAR- and TCR-Tregs to increase cell stability and tissue specificity with Quell Therapeutics, PolTREG and Abata Therapeutics 

What Previous Attendees Had To Say:

Very exciting meeting gathering key actors in the booming field of TregsChief Executive Officer, Iltoo Pharma 

Great meeting with state-of-the-art science in the Treg space - Senior Principal Scientist, Novartis 

Highlighted the bold and unique approaches by both academia and industry to challenge Treg biology and advance the development of Treg cell therapies that can meaningfully impact the treatment of intractable autoimmune conditions.’  - Director – Immunology, Abata Therapeutics

Great update on the Treg field that provides valuable context for our research’ - Principal Scientist, Intellia Therapeutics 

Focused event reviewing latest developments in the regulatory T cell field’ – Director, Teva Pharmaceuticals

An incredible gathering of leaders in the Treg field’ – Scientist II, Neoleukin Therapeutics