Pre-Conference Bootcamp Day

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Addressing the Fundamental Role of Tregs in Tissue to Understand the Dynamic Interplay of the Immune Response

9:30 am The Role of Treg Cells in Immune Related Disorders


  • Uncover the basics of Treg biology by delving into the mechanisms of Treg immune response suppression
  • Examine key signalling pathways (such as CTLA-4 and TGF-β) that mediate Treg suppressive functions to understand potential therapeutic targets
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Treg-mediated suppression to guide the development of targeted therapies for immune-related disorders

10:00 am Treg Diversity Across Tissues: Implications for Therapeutic Targeting

  • Kyle Bednar Director & Team Leader - Discovery, Respiratory & Immunology, AstraZeneca


  • Understanding the varying interactions of Treg cells in different tissues within the body
  • Discuss how tissue specific Treg populations contribute to immune tolerance
  • The implications of tissue specific Treg diversity on the development of targeted therapeutic interventions

10:30 am Morning Break & Refreshments

Exploring the Impact of Treg Biology on Development of Treg Directed Therapies to Drive Precise Therapeutic Interventions

11:00 am Unraveling the Molecular Landscape of Treg Cells: Implications for Therapeutic Development

  • Marko Radic Associate Professor, University of Tennessee


  • Present an in-depth analysis of the molecular mechanisms underlying Treg cell interactions with APC
  • Discuss how advanced understanding of Treg biology can inform the design of effective therapeutic strategies
  • Exploring potential molecular targets for modulating Treg therapy in the context of therapy development

11:30 am Properties of Therapeutic Nanonparticles

  • David Horwitz Professor of Medicine & Molecular Immunology, Co-Founder, USC Keck School of Medicine, Nanotherapeutics


  • Provide IL-2 and TGF-β needed for targeted T cells to become Tregs that prevent immune-mediated disease
  • Induce – TGF-β producing NK cells that support TregsInduce alloantigen specific Tregs for transplantation tolerance

12:00 pm Integration of Treg Biology & Immunotherapy


  • Explore the intersection of Treg biology and immunotherapy, including checkpoint inhibitors and other immune modulators
  • Discuss the balance between enhancing immunity and maintaining immune tolerance through Treg-directed interventions
  • Highlight case studies and ongoing research initiatives that aim to integrate Treg biology into personalized immunotherapeutic approaches

12:30 pm Lunch

Harnessing the Fundamentals of Treg Biology to Transition into the Clinic for Therapeutic Development

1:30 pm TNFR2 Antagonism in the Tumor Microenvironment


  • NFR2 is highly expressed on Tregs in the tumor microenvironment
  • TNFR2 has been identified in multiple mechanism tumors use to escape immune surveillance
  • TNFR2 plays a role in resistance to checkpoint blockade
  • TNFR2 antagonist antibodies have are being tested as monotherapy and combination options in multiple cancers

2:00 pm Revolutionizing Treg Strategies in Oncology: Unraveling the Complexities of Brain Tumors & Cell Therapy


  • Treg reprogramming in cancer, particularly brain tumors
  • How Tregs influence therapy response to CART (cell therapy) in brain tumors
  • How to synergize SoC with Treg targeted therapies in oncology

2:30 pm Novel Mouse Models for the Analysis of Treg Dysfunction in Autoimmunity

  • Ethan Shevach Senior Investigator Chief Cellular Immunology Section Laboratory of Immune System Biology, NIAID NIH


  • Explore the landscape of Treg dysfunction within autoimmune disease
  • Demonstrating a mouse model to knockout the transcription factor helios in Tregs that is restricted to fat involving the destruction of visceral adipose tissue 

3:00 pm Close of Bootcamp