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EpigenDx is dedicated to providing precise and dependable products and services for uncovering the intricate patterns of DNA methylation dynamics.   Our goal is to empower researchers, enhance clinical diagnostics, and advance therapeutic developments within the realm of epigenetics.

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Barinthus Biotherapeutics

Barinthus Biotherapeutics plc (formerly Vaccitech plc) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel T cell immunotherapeutics that guide the immune system to overcome chronic infectious diseases, autoimmunity and cancer.


Harvard Medical School

The Immunobiology Laboratories at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital perform studies on the basic biology TNF superfamily receptors, with an emphasis on autoimmunity and cancer. TNFR2 identifies Treg cells with the highest potency; in human cancers TNFR2 is overexpressed in the tumor microenvironment and in autoimmunity it is under expressed on Tregs. Recent data suggests agonistic TNFR2 antibodies can be made (Science Signaling 2020). For potent TNF superfamily agonism or antagonism, the final surface structures must have either tight hexagonal networks (agonism) or larger
hexagonal networks (antagonism). Humanized antibodies to TNFR2 have now been produced using these principle with broad verification of these desired structural constructs.

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Nektar Therapeutics

Nektar Therapeutics is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel therapies which selectively modulate the immune system to treat autoimmune disorders. We apply our deep understanding of immunology and unparalleled expertise in polymer chemistry to create one-of-a-kind, highly-selective medicines with optimal therapeutic benefit. Nektar is developing a portfolio of T-regulatory cell programs, which includes REZPEG, a potential first-in-class resolution therapeutic that may address underlying immune system imbalance in people with many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.

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Orca Bio is a late-stage biotechnology company developing high-precision cell therapies for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and genetic blood disorders. Our investigational products are designed to safely replace a patient’s diseased blood and immune system with a healthy one, delivering significantly better outcomes with dramatically fewer risks than the standard of care. Our manufacturing platform uses single-cell precision to create proprietary, uniquely-defined products that have the potential to transform allogeneic cell therapy. At Orca Bio, our mission is to make curative cell therapies both more effective and safer, and in doing so, push past the field’s current boundaries and redefine its future. 

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PolTREG was established as a spin-off from the Medical University of Gdańsk in order to develop and commercialize patented TREG method. PolTREG is the most advanced company in TREGS cellular therapies worldwide, breakthrough therapies for type 1 diabetes (T1D) and multiple sclerosis (MS). PolTREG has very promising results regarding
the safety and efficacy of TREGS therapy (completed phase I/II clinical trials in T1D and phase I in MS), ready for the next phase of trials.

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Quell Therpeutics

At Quell we seek to deliver truly innovative, life-changing therapies for our patients. Our vision as a company is to build a major global biopharmaceutical company bringing transformational and valued therapies for a range of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, as well as preventing rejection in organ transplantation, based on modular engineered Tregs.

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Revolo Biotherapeutics

We are a revolutionary biotherapeutics company with a mission to revolutionize autoimmune and allergic disease treatment by resetting the immune system for superior long-term disease remission  without the need for chronic dosing and without suppressing the immune system. Our two platform drug candidates, ‘1805 and ‘1104, reset the immune system suppressing only a single administration. They have demonstrated unique efficacy and safety in preclinical and human studies. 

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Beacon are a clinical trial and pipeline database solution designed in partnership with
pharmaceutical professionals. Beacon track targeted therapies to provide accurate, indepth,
and real-time information in the rapidly evolving drug development landscape.
For more information or to request a demo, visit our website:

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Sony Biotechnology Inc.

Sony Biotechnology Inc. is dedicated to helping the scientific community, researchers, laboratory professionals, and institutions achieve the best scientific results possible. By leveraging Sony’s comprehensive expertise in electronics innovation and design and with our technological assets we are accelerating development of next-generation cell analysis systems. We bring a unique perspective to science’s high-level instrumentation and are creating innovative products to address our customer’s challenges.

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Nanotein Technologies

Nanotein Technologies is a Berkely-based, Series-A biotechnology start-up manufacturing next generation reagents for expansion and activation of immune cells for Cell Therapy applications. Our technology is a fully soluble, protein scaffold with specific functional antibodies bound with a high-affinity linkage to the protein core.  This creates a highly effective protein-antibody product, for targeted and robust activation - taking advantage of receptor clustering biology for maximum impact. On the market today, we sell products for T cell and NK cell (feeder free!) activation and expansion.

We're a technical and collaborative team - small, but mighty - and would love for our reagents to help your cell therapy manufacturing process. We love to chat with potential customers, learn about your processes and help you optimize your workflows with our reagents.  Send us a message or pick up some product to get started today!

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RoslinCT is a leading global contract development and manufacturing services organization (CDMO) focused on Advanced Cell and Gene Therapies. Established in 2006 and built upon the groundbreaking technology cloning of Dolly the Sheep at the Roslin Institute in 1997, RoslinCT has harnessed cutting-edge science to advance the development of human medicines. With a remarkable heritage in the field, the company has achieved significant milestones, including being among the first in the world to produce clinical-grade human pluripotent stem cells and manufacturing the first-ever US FDA-approved CRISPR-based gene therapy CASGEVY™.

Equipped with 22 purpose-built cGMP cell therapy processing suites in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Hopkinton, Massachusetts, RoslinCT provides innovative process and analytical development, cGMP clinical and commercial manufacturing for a range of cell types for both autologous and allogeneic processes, and cGMP iPSC cell line development, gene editing, and differentiation.

With tailored CDMO solutions, RoslinCT enables partners to efficiently progress from development to commercialization and deliver life-saving Cell and Gene Therapies worldwide.