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The cell immunotherapy revolution is working to bridge the gap to create curative therapies for unmet medical need in the autoimmune and inflammatory disease space. That’s why the TReg Directed Therapies Summit in its second year remains dedicated to the clinical translation of engineered and stimulated cell therapy and small molecule approaches to deliver cures for autoimmune and inflammatory indications.

This year join the industry leaders as we continue the discussions on developments in TReg cell therapies (in vivo and ex vivo) alongside progress in IL-2 and other small molecule/biologic therapies as they share exclusive insights on clinical data and engineered and non-engineered strategies to improve TReg efficacy.

Improve the targeting of TReg therapies from CARs to bispecific antibodies as we optimize and revolutionize clinical trial design to treat patients at earlier stages of disease with better therapeutic efficacy. Explore the strategies being utilized to streamline manufacture of clinical and commercial curative TReg Therapies

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