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Are you actively looking to work with pharma and biotech companies who’re developing complement-based drugs?

Industry leaders have told us that when it comes to complement-based drugs, they don’t know who to turn to for support simply because the area is so niche and specialized. This is the perfect opportunity for you to engage with key decision makers who’re actively looking to partner with solution providers.

Partnering with the Complement-based Drug development Summit is a proven way to influence future buying patterns at a critical time in the development cycle.  If you have a solution or service that can help these developers, then we can ensure its seen by those who matter and help shorten sales cycles.

  • Present and showcase your capabilities to key decision makers from pharma and biotech companies who are actively looking for support.
  • Identify and meet all of the leading industry players in one intimate environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and challenges.
  • Promote your brand and ensure you’re seen as the go-to partner by all of those who’re developing complement-based drugs.
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