Partnership Opportunities

As the world continues to adapt to the global public health situation, Treg therapy developers are still actively seeking external partners that can provide solutions to the challenges they are facing when manufacturing, engineering and understanding these therapies.

Whilst Treg directed therapies have shown great preclinical potential, and there are now more than 50 active and completed clinical trials, they still have challenges to overcome.

Tregs need to be effectively expanded ex vivo to achieve sufficient numbers for clinical use. Many challenges remain in this manufacturing process including purification, expansion, dosage and functional standards of Treg cells. Furthermore, as more and more engineered Treg products are developed, such as CAR-Tregs, challenges will appear in genetic engineering and large-scale manufacturing of CAR-Tregs. Don't miss this unique opportunity to collaborate with key industry decision-makers in the space.

We’ll work with you to build a bespoke partnership package focused on making valuable connections and generating actionable leads to ensure you meet your 2021 commercial objectives in this new digital reality.

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