Wanjun Chen

Wanjun Chen

Company: NIH

Job title: Senior Investigator


Understanding the Complexity of Tregs in Autoimmunity & Cancer, & Manipulting Tegs In Vivo for Immunotherapy 2:30 pm

Novel approach to inducing autoantigen specific Tregs in vivo for treatment of autoimmunity Car-T mediated therapy in autoimmune diseases: do Tregs play a role? Unique features of Tregs in tumour tissues; what happened for intratumor Tregs in check-point blockade antibodymediated immunotherapy in cancerRead more

day: Day One PM Cell-Based Approaches

The Role of Treg Cells in Immune Related Disorders 10:00 am

Uncover the basics of Treg biology by delving into the mechanisms of Treg immune response suppression Examine key signalling pathways (such as CTLA-4 and TGF-β) that mediate Treg suppressive functions to understand potential therapeutic targets Gain a comprehensive understanding of Treg-mediated suppression to guide the development of targeted therapies for immune-related disordersRead more

day: Pre-Conference Day

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