Thomas Malek

Thomas Malek

Company: University of Miami

Job title: Professor


Dr. Thomas Malek received his Ph.D. in 1977 after training with Dr. Katherine Knight at the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago. After postdoctoral training with Ethan Shevach at the NIH, he joined the faculty of the University of Miami in 1985, where he currently is Professor and Chair in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. His research has a long-standing focus on the role of the IL-2R in T cell development and function. In 2002 his group provided direct evidence that IL-2R signaling is essential for regulatory T cells. More recently his group established that low IL-2R signaling effectively supported Treg, but not T effector cell function, providing a scientific underpinning for the use of low-dose IL-2 to boost Tregs in the context of autoimmunity. His group also developed a new IL-2-based biologic to improve the efficacy of this therapy. Current research from his lab investigates the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which the IL-2R contributes to Treg and T effector cell function, with an emphasis on translating these findings in the context of autoimmunity and cancer.


IL-2 & Regulatory T Cells: From Basic Mechanisms to a Therapy for Autoimmune Diseases 10:00 am

Contribution of IL-2R signaling for Treg development and homeostasis Mechanisms for selective responses of human Tregs to low-dose IL-2 Enhancing low-dose IL-2 therapy by using a long-lasting novel IL-2-based fusion proteinRead more

day: Day Two

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