David Horwitz

David Horwitz

Company: USC Keck School of Medicine, Nanotherapeutics

Job title: Professor of Medicine & Molecular Immunology, Co-Founder


Properties of Therapeutic Nanonparticles 11:30 am

Provide IL-2 and TGF-β needed for targeted T cells to become Tregs that prevent immune-mediated disease Induce – TGF-β producing NK cells that support TregsInduce alloantigen specific Tregs for transplantation toleranceRead more

day: Pre-Conference Day

IL-2 Containing Nanoparticles Induce Tregs & TGF-β-producing NK Cell 4:00 pm

The tolerogenic effect of IL-2 on Tregs is TGF-β dependent TGF-β producing NK cells are essential for Treg maintenance The NPs induce TGF-β locally so that encapsulation of TGF-β is not neededRead more

day: Conference Day Two

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