As more evidence emerges to validate the enormous therapeutic potential of regulatory T cells, there remain basic scientific and clinical development challenges to implement and commercialize Treg directed therapies.

Join over 100 pioneers from pharma and biotech to leverage the immune modulating capabilities of Treg through in vivo and ex vivo approaches to fulfil significant unmet medical needs.

With an exclusive case study-led agenda, this year’s summit will paint a fuller picture of the current status of clinical trials in transplantation, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune and inflammatory indications.

Utilize the latest preclinical and clinical results to point you towards your most effective therapeutics.

In addition, gain practical insights on assays for Treg suppressor function, enhancing Treg specificity, optimizing Treg stablility and manufacturing them at scale.

Join the likes of AZTherapies, Cour Pharma, Harvard, Pandion Therapeutics & Quell Therapeutics and leave the Treg Directed Therapy Summit equipped to accelerate the development of your Treg directed therapy through the clinic.


Top 5 Reasons to attend:

  • Hear Clinical Data Using Various Approaches to Direct Tregs Discover Phase I/II data of using allogeneic cord blood regulatory T cells for the prevention of GVD with Simrit Parmar from MD Anderson
  • Discuss the Relationship Between IL-2 and Tregs Understand how IL-2 self-sufficiency should be implemented to improve the potency of any Treg cell therapy with David Klatzmann
  • Examine Engineered Regulatory T Cells Explore the potential of chimeric antigen receptors with Tregs with AZTherapies and the potential of off-the-shelf products without the need for genome editing
  • Highlight the Potential of Antigen-Specific Tolerogenic Nanoparticles Review tolerance induction using antigen-encapsulating nanoparticles with Cour Pharmaceuticals and AnTolRx
  • Advance Your Understanding of Fundamental Treg Cell Biology Identify processes that compromise the response of Tregs and understand the role of tissue Tregs with George Tsokos and Diane Mathis