Optimize Target Specificity, Disease Indication Selection, & Clinical Efficacy of Cytokine & Cell-based Treg Therapies to Spearhead Clinical Development in Autoimmunity, Inflammation & Beyond

Welcome to the 6th Annual Treg-Directed Therapies Summit

Driving Next Gen Treg Stimulation for Autoimmunity, Transplantation & Inflammation

Returning to Boston for its 6th year, the 6th Treg-Directed Therapies Summit stands as the singular industry forum shining a spotlight on the groundbreaking research and clinical advancements in CAR-Treg and IL2 mutein therapies. Witness the convergence of leading industry and academic experts as they unite to propel the clinical efficacy of Treg therapies to new heights.

As the pioneering and longest-tenured meeting dedicated to optimizing and manipulating Treg-based approaches, this summit invites you to become part of a community at the forefront of innovation. Gain unparalleled insights into the latest developments driving specificity, delve into novel cell product design, and explore the engineering of CAR-Tregs to enhance cell stability and durability.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of Treg therapies. Join us and contribute to the ongoing dialogue that shapes the future of cutting-edge medical advancements.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Testimonials From Previous Attendees:

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‘There is no meeting like this. This was only focusing on the Treg therapy and all players were gathered there. This was a really efficient meeting to be updated on this field and expand my network’ 

Director of Business Development, Kidswell Bio Corp

Testimonials From This Year's Speakers:

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‘The accelerated pace of development of Treg based therapies brings hope to those with autoimmune disease, transplants and allergy. Successful efficacy of T-regulatory cells will require a multi-faceted strategy to optimize conditions for induction of tolerance by Tregs while avoiding adverse effects on immune responses to pathogens’

Amy Rosenberg, Director of Immunology, EpiVax

‘The Treg Summit provides both an excellent overview and deep dive on the science of both cellular and biologic approaches to unlock the full potential of Tregs to address significant unmet needs in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.’

Tom Wickham, CSO, GentiBio

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‘I look forward with tremendous excitement and anticipation to learn about the cutting-edge research and therapeutic agenda in this accelerating area of cellular medicine.’

Marko Radic, Associate Professor Microbiology, Immunology and Biochemistry, University of Tennessee

'Regulatory T cells are a major rheostat regulating the strength of immune responses and enabling immune tolerance. It is exciting to be part of a summit dedicated to cutting-edge research and development of therapeutics targeting these cells.’

Marisella Panduro, Principal Scientist, Seismic Therapeutics

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