May 2019 TBC

Boston, USA

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Contact: Jennifer Mackay

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Why you should attend?

symbol logo Stable – Join the discussion evaluating feasible methods to promote Treg stability to prevent their inherent ability to switch to pathogenic cells. Learn about new technologies which could aid Treg stability and efficacy in vivo
symbol logo Persistent – Identify methods and treatments that promote the persistence of stable Treg cells and outline feasible methods to maintain their regulatory function. Listen to talks from Vedanta Bioscience who explore the use of microbial drug products for the induction of immune tolerance
symbol logo Targeted – Explore strategies to identify disease-specific autoantigens in order to enhance targeting to antigen-specific immunotherapies. Listen to presentations from Casebia and TxCell to ensure a precise targeting approach for your Treg therapeutic with the use of CARs and TCRs


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