May 2019 TBC

Boston, USA

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The Treg Directed Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders Summit is the only dedicated meeting focused on the challenges faced by pharma, biotech and academia in their race to clinical translation of Treg directed therapies.

Partnering with the Treg Directed Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders meeting will ensure you capitalize on the market early, cement your position as an industry leader and support the rate of discovery and clinical development of stable, targeted and persistent Treg directed therapies.

Why sponsor 2019?

symbol logo Showcase Expertise and Build Credibility – Take this opportunity to demonstrate your clinical expertise to an exclusive community of decision makers in search of support
symbol logo Build Relationships With Senior Level Decision Makers – Network with all of the leading members of the autoimmune community in one room over three days. Use this platform to interact and hear first hand the challenges that industry leaders face
symbol logo Drive Brand to Forefront of Mind – As pharma, biotech and academia seek out-of-house expertise, are you front of mind? Take this chance to benefit from increased exposure, differentiate your company from competitors and ensure you identify as a leader of the autoimmune space

Tailored Opportunities include:

symbol logo Speaking Opportunities – position yourself as the thought leader in your space or educate your market
symbol logo Panel Moderator – curate and drive the disruptive conversation alongside some of the brightest minds in the fields
symbol logo Roundtable Leader – get interactive with our community through a more informal channel
symbol logo Workshop Leader – lead a more focused and in-depth discussion with an exclusive and tailored made audience
symbol logo Exclusive VIP Hosting – sometimes relaxing together is as important as working together, why not buy the room a drink!
symbol logo Exhibiting – have your flag in the ground and let the onsite community know where  to meet you

For further information please don’t hesitate to send us an email.