May 2019 TBC

Boston, USA

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The pioneering Treg Directed Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders Summit is bringing together for the first time the expert Autoimmune Community. Network, learn and discover new approaches to improve the functionality of Treg cells. Join the leaders in this space to identify strategies to overcome the safety challenges faced with current standards of care by ensuring the future development of targeted immunotherapies.

This is your first and only opportunity to listen to the most advanced clinical case studies from Nektar Therapeutics and Amgen which explore the use of IL-2 to enhance the expansion and activation of the Treg cells. Delve deeper with expert insights from Roche and ILTOO Pharma to understand how IL-2 at low doses could selectively stimulate Treg cells.

Identify yourself as a leader in this community and join the discussion exploring the challenges in translating a proof of concept in autoimmune therapies from animal models to clinic. This meeting will provide the platform for conversations to be had to accelerate the clinical translation of Treg directed therapies.

Top 5 Reasons Why This Summit Will Help Accelerate Your Treg Pipeline:

symbol logo Enhance Treg Based Therapy with the Use of IL2
Utilize the stimulative capabilities of IL2 to increase differentiation, expansion and maintenance of Treg cells in vivo. Hear about novel clinical data from Nektar and Amgen.
symbol logo Achieve Antigen Specific Tolerance with Trafficking Approaches
Explore the use of CARs and TCRs to define the specificity of Treg cells, ensuring a precise targeting approach for your Treg directed therapeutic. Listen to novel gene editing approaches from
Casebia and TxCell.
symbol logo Improve Targeting for Autoantigen Identification
Explore strategies to identify disease-specific autoantigens in order to enhance targeting to antigen-specific immunotherapies. Expand upon your Treg education and improve your understanding
of targeting methods when knowledge of autoantigens lacks.
symbol logo Improve Methods to Increase Persistency of Stable Treg Cells
Join the discussion evaluating feasible methods to promote Treg stability to prevent their inherent ability to switch to pathogenic cells. Listen to talks from Vedanta Bioscience who explore the use of microbial drug products for the induction of immune tolerance.
symbol logo Explore Potential Future Breakthroughs in Treg Cell Manufacturing
Identify novel approaches and technologies which could lower cost for Treg manufacturing, which is critical to broader use of these therapies. Learn about new technologies which could aid Treg
persistence and efficacy in vivo.