Identifying Novel Autoantigen Targets and Clinically De-Risked TCRs to Deploy in Tolerizing Therapies

Time: 4:00 pm
day: Day One | Track A | Afternoon


  • TargetScan platform identifies the natural target of any T cell receptor (TCR) in an unbiased, genome-wide manner, enabling discovery of disease-mediating autoantigens for autoimmune diseases
  • ReceptorScan platform enables identification of highly active TCRs for a desired target and HLA type, and TCRs can also be clinically de-risked by characterizing potential off-targets using TargetScan technology
  • These clinically de-risked TCRs can be deployed in Treg cell therapy modalities or other tolerizing modalities to treat autoimmune indications with poorly defined autoantigen targets and high unmet need