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8:00 am Coffee & Registration

9:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Maximizing Immune Tolerance through Generation of Antigen Specific Tregs

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Developing a More Targeted Approach to Activating Treg Cells to Enhance Efficacy of Treatment in Patients


  • Addressing the challenge of polyclonal Tregs to outline the risk of effector T cells becoming stimulated and causing damage
  • Overcoming the challenge of polyclonal Tregs through development of engineered Treg approaches
  • How can clinical outcomes with regulatory T cell therapies be improved?

10:00 am Engineering IL-2 Mutein to Treat Autoimmune Diseases


  • Attenuated IL-2 muteins enhance Treg cell selectivity.
  • Various biological responses of Treg cells are guided by different IL-2 signaling thresholds.

10:30 am Activation of Tregs by Antigen-Encapsulating PLG Nanoparticles for Autoimmune and Allergic Disease Therapy

  • Stephen Miller Co-founder, Professor of Microbiology- Immunology , Cour Pharmaceuticals, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


  • Tolerance induction using antigen-encapsulating PLG nanoparticles (Ag- PLG) recapitulates how self-tolerance is induced and maintained in the hematopoietic system
  • Ag-PLG uptake by splenic marginal zone and liver APCs confers a tolerogenic phenotype
  • Ag-PLG induces the induction of CD4+Foxp3+, CD4+ Tr1, and CD8+CD122+ regulatory T cells

11:00 am In Vivo Generation of Autoantigen-Specific Treg Cells for Treatment of Autoimmune Disease

11:30 am Morning Break & Speed Networking

Advancing Clinical Development of Treg Adoptive Cell Therapies Using Novel Expansion Techniques

12:00 pm Cord Derived Tregs To Dampen the Inflammatory Response Associated with Severe Covid Infection


  • Examining the role of allogeneic cord blood derived T regulatory cell therapy in COVID ARDS patients in a randomized placebo controlled multicenter trial

12:30 pm The Challenges of Manufacturing & Distributing Advanced Therapies- From Small Scale to Licensing Studies


  • Translating early research into first in man clinical trials
  • Challenges of manufacturing Treg therapies utilising closed system flow sorting
  • Consider the next steps for scale up to pivotal studies and market authorisation
  • Logistics of delivering ATMPs on a global scale

1:00 pm Lunch & Networking

Ensuring Maintenance of Treg Cells for Enhanced Therapeutic Effect

2:00 pm Functional Genomic Approaches to Identify Key Regulators of Human Tregs

  • John Cho Director, Immunobiology , KSQ Therapeutics


  • Utilizing CRISPR-based functional genomics to harness the therapeutic potential of human Tregs for autoimmunity
  • Overview of in vitro and in vivo systems to identify and validate Treg target
  • Examples of therapeutic applications for Treg targets (e.g., small molecule, large molecule, and cellular therapy approaches

2:30 pm Treg Expansion in the Kidney


  • The talk will discuss Pandion’s approach to tissue-specific immunomodulation, in this case focusing on expanding and activating Tregs in the kidney to suppress inflammation.

3:00 pm A New Paradigm in Immunotherapy; Restoration of Endogenous Treg Function


It is defective Treg function, not the number of Tregs that allows
autoimmune disease.

Our proprietary IL-2 protein drug conjugate (PDC) targets Tregs to
enhance/restore function.

Using the PDC, we successfully treated mouse models of SLE, MS, T1D
and asthma

3:30 pm Improving Outcomes of Allo-HCT: Manipulating the Regulatory Cell Compartment in vivo to Ameliorate GVHD

4:00 pm IL-2 & Treg Cell Therapies: In or Out?


  • IL-2 is the key cytokine for Treg survival and function
  • Treg cell products are cultured in ultra-high dose of IL-2, becoming IL-2 addicted, which impacts their survival and function in patients
  • We generated IL-2 sufficient super-Tregs expressing either wild type or mutated IL-2 under various promoters
  • These cells survive in IL-2 deprived environments and have improved in vitro and in vivo suppressive function
  • IL-2 self-sufficiency should be implemented to improve the potency of any Treg cell therapy, including CAR Tregs

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:45 pm Close of Summit