Sangamo Therapeutics

Industry Partner

Sangamo Therapeutics is committed to translating ground-breaking science into genomic medicines with the potential to transform patients’ lives using gene therapy, ex vivo gene-edited cell therapy, and in vivo genome editing and gene regulation.



Innovation Partner

Bio-Techne is a global life science company providing pioneering solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy to take you from discovery to the clinic. Our expertise spans cell separation, cell culture, gene editing, and product release testing.

We provide outstanding custom services for tailor-made reagents, cell culture media, gene editing, and functional assays.

Our standout products include non-magnetic dissolvable microspheres for cell separation, GMP proteins and small molecules, non-viral transposon technology, and automated assays for product characterization and purity testing.



Event Partner

Adaptive Biotechnologies is a pioneer in combining high-throughput sequencing and expert bioinformatics to profile T-cell and B-cell receptors. Adaptive Therapeutics’ platform allows the discovery of potent, ultra-low frequency TCRs with differentiated therapeutic potential. This TruTCRTM engine combines Adaptive’s foundational immunosequencing platform with a multiplex approach to map TCRs to antigens at high specificity plus pairSEQTM to accurately pair TCR alpha/beta chains. Adaptive has discovered and is validating candidate TCRs with superior cytolytic activity in oncology.