Optimizing Treg Stimulation for Autoimmunity,
Transplantation & Inflammation

May 30 - June 1 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the 5th Treg Summit!

Accelerate the Clinical Translation of IL-2 & CAR-Treg Therapies with Advanced Engineering & Product Design to Enhance Tissue Specificity, Durability, Stability & Safety

With investment into the Treg field at an all time high, excitement is overflowing at the prospect of these remarkable cells being game-changers in the long-term treatment of autoimmunity, inflammation and transplantation. As this enthusiasm coincides with multiple clinical readouts and several more therapies entering the clinic, it remains vital for Treg trailblazers to come together to recognize therapy efficacy, determine safety and translate the next-generation of therapies into the clinic.  

The Treg Summit returns for the 5th year to unite this dedicated community of industry and academic experts, and remains the go-to industry forum to advance both cell and non-cell based approaches to unlock the potential of Tregs to treat indications with huge unmet clinical need. 

With 3 jam-packed days of content across CAR-, TCR- and polyclonal Tregs as well as IL-2, muteins and small molecules, you won’t want to miss this unrivalled opportunity to collaborate with your peers in the Treg field to explore clinical advances, discuss challenges and discover next-gen methods to take Treg therapies to the next level. 

Why Now?

  • Over $2 billion has been thrown into the Treg space in the past 8 months alone, reflecting the potential of these therapies 
  • 2022 saw the first-ever dosing of a human with a CAR-Treg cell therapy paving the way for the rest of the engineered Treg field 
  • Vital clinical updates determine the safety and efficacy of Treg modulating therapies

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