May 2019 TBC

Boston, USA

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Wednesday 23rd May, 2018

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chris haqq Chris Haqq, Chief Scientific Officer, Atara Biotherapeutics 09.00  Chair’s Opening Remarks
Define Tregs in Autoimmunity to Identify Molecular Change of Function
David Hafler-1 David Hafler,Chairman,
Department of Neurology and Professor of Immunology, Yale School of Medicine
09.10 Regulatory T cells in Human Autoimmune Disease
Therapeutic Strategies to Increase Targeting Specificity of Treg Cells
David Wraith David Wraith, Director of the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy, University of Birmingham & Chief Scientific Officer, Apitope International NV 09.40 Induction of Regulatory T Cells by Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy

 10.10  Morning Refreshments and Speed Networking
Explore Different Therapies to Modulate Treg Function
Stephen Miller, PhD, Immunology, FSM Stephen Miller, Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine & Co-founder,
Consultant and member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Cour Pharmaceutical
11.10 A Nanoparticle-based Negative T Cell Vaccine for Treg Therapy of
Autoimmune Disease

Dennis Kasper Dennis Kasper, Channing Professor of Medicine and Professor of Microbiology and Immunobiology  Harvard Medical School & Scientific Founder of  Symbiotix Biotherapies 11.40 The Microbiome as a Source of Molecules able to Induce Regulatory Tcells
 Dennis Kasper Nora Lieske, R&D Manager, Cell Therapy, Thermo Fisher Scientific. 12.10 Improved Control of Activation and Expansion of Tregs for use in Cell Therapy Applications

 12.20  Lunch & Networking
Methods to Increase the Persistency of Stable Treg Cells
rose szabady Rose Szabady, Senior Staff Scientist & Immunology Lead, Vedanta Bioscience, Vedanta Bioscience 13.20 Development of Defined Microbial Drug Products for Induction of Immune Tolerance

David Klatzman David Klatzmann, Director, Clinical Investigation Center for Biotherapy, Pitié-SalpêtrièreHospital 13.50 IL-2 Sufficient Super-Tregs with Improved Survival and Suppressive Activity

14.20 Panel Discussion: Evaluate Feasible Methods to Promote the Stability of Treg Cells to Prevent a Pathogenic Switch to T Effector Cells
Leonard Dragone Leonard Dragone, Senior Director of Translational Pharmacology & Experimental Medicine, Merck rose szabady Rose Szabady, Senior Staff Scientist & Immunology Lead, Vedanta Bioscience, Vedanta Bioscience
Laurence Turka-Immune Tolerance Network Laurence Turka, Chief Scientific Officer of Rheos Medicines & Deputy Director Immune Tolerance Network simrit_parmar Simrit Parmar, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Cellenkos
Jason Fontenot Jason Fontenot, Formerly the Head of Exploratory Research, Juno Therapeutics

 14.50  Afternoon Refreshments
Enhance Treg-based Therapy with the Use of IL2
Jonathan Zalevsky-1 Jonathan Zalevsky, Senior Vice President of Research & Chief Scientific Officer, Nektar Therapeutics 15.20 NKTR-358: An IL-2 Pathway Agonist that Selectively Expands and Activates Regulatory T Cells for the Treatment of Allergy and
Autoimmune Disease

Nadia Tchao Nadia Tchao, Medical Director, Early Development & InflammationAmgen 15.40 AMG 592: An Investigational IL-2 Mutein That Induces Highly Selective
Expansion of Regulatory T Cells

D'Andrea Annalisa Annalisa D’Andrea, Vice President and Global Head of Immunology & Inflammation Discovery,Roche 16.10 A Novel IgG-IL2 Mutein to Selectively Activate T Regulatory Cells

Jeremie mariau Jérémie Mariau, Chief Executive Officer, ILTOO Pharma 16.40 Plain is Beautiful (and Enough)

chris haqq  Chris Haqq, Chief Scientific Officer, Atara Biotherapeutics 17.10 Chair’s Closing Remarks

 17.40  End of Day 1
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